Mom Breastfeeds Toddler While Riding Moped (VIDEO)

mopedWe've all gone to extremes to calm down a fussy toddler -- but just wait until you get a load of this video showing a mom breastfeeding her 18-month-old while riding a moped.

(You can't make this stuff up, people.)

Yes, this really happened. The woman was cruising around on a busy street in China when her child started crying. She whipped out the boob and fed him right there in the middle of traffic -- while the moped was still moving. Didn't even bother to pull over. And not surprisingly, police stopped her and threatened to confiscate her bike if she didn't cool it with the feeding and riding bit.


Here's the clip -- you'll be shaking your head after watching it, I promise.

Seriously? Ok, so I know China has a different culture from the U.S., where car seat safety is pretty much drilled into our brains -- but can you believe this mom actually thought feeding her child on a moped was acceptable? Forget the breastfeeding -- that kid had no business being on the bike in the first place, especially considering she was holding him in her arms while driving it! If she had no choice but to take him along, she could've at least secured some kind of seat to the back and put a helmet on him.

She's pretty lucky that she wasn't arrested -- or that no one took that little boy away from her given the danger she put him in. If something like that went down in the states, she'd be locked up for at least a few years or so and would probably never see the child again.

This definitely takes the cake as far as irresponsible parenting goes -- and you have to wonder what other kinds of stupid decisions she's going to make down the road. If you have no qualms about your kid riding in your lap on a scooter, I'd hate to think about the various other methods of putting him in harm's way she might not think twice about as he grows up.

Heck, at this rate, he'll probably be driving the moped by the time he's 3.

Do you think this mom was putting her son in danger?


Image via aslakr/Flickr

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