Mom Delivers Baby Herself Then Tries to Hide It From Husband (VIDEO)

Katrena Leonard baby

While rushing to the hospital driving at 80 miles per hour, a Georgia mom delivered her own baby right there in the front seat of the car by literally catching her inside of the dress she was wearing.

Katrena Leonard now realizes that she waited a bit too long to head to the hospital to have her third child and even admits to yelling, "Kylie (the new baby's name) -- no!," as her baby daughter was making her entrance into the world in the passenger seat. But apparently the little girl wasn't too concerned with obeying her mother's wishes.

And if delivering her own baby wasn't enough, wait until you hear Katrena describe what went down after the birth. Check out this video clip to hear her account of her wild ride.


OMG. Bless her heart. Can you believe she was so worried about her husband Terrance freaking out and wrecking the car that she actually attempted to hide the fact that she'd just pushed out a baby from him?!? Aww. What a doll. I hope this dude realizes what an unselfish and amazing wife he has! (I probably would've been screaming my head off in her situation.)

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And how about when they finally arrived at the hospital -- and the nurses and medical staff didn't even believe she'd given birth? Talk about a crazy delivery experience. Katrena truly had the ultimate trifecta of surprises. How many other moms can say they delivered their kid, concealed her from her father, and then had to convince people of her birth once she showed up at the hospital?

Would you be able to stay calm if your baby was born in the car?


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