Vegetarian Says Meat Is the Reason She Gave Birth to Triplets

feet cookiesHave you done anything during your pregnancy that has kind of gone against your way of life, beliefs, or convictions simply because you know in your gut it's what's best for your baby? Well, that's exactly what 34-year-old Laura Dixon did after learning she was pregnant with triplets.

As much as a major shift as it was, she gave up being a vegetarian in the hopes of having a healthier pregnancy. Whether her intake of meat actually had anything to do with her safely delivering three babies, Max, Mia, and Mason at 35 weeks or not -- Laura credits her diet change for the success of her pregnancy.


She'd been trying to conceive naturally for 10 years to no avail, which is why she finally decided to give IVF a try. During her second round of the treatment, she had a miscarriage, but still decided to give it one more shot.

And that's when Laura found out she was expecting triplets and was also at high risk for another miscarriage or preterm labor. In order to do everything in her power to sustain the pregnancy, she started eating meat at least three times a day in order to up her intake of protein, iron, and vitamin B12.

Did I mention she'd never eaten meat before? Yep. She was a true vegetarian in every sense of the word. Then suddenly overnight she started eating things like chicken, sausage, and bacon -- even McDonald's.

Even though she admits craving meat like nobody's business, it still had to be pretty tough for Laura to drastically alter the diet she'd been accustomed to for 34 years.

But I'm sure any other mom-to-be would've done the same thing in her situation if she thought it might be beneficial to her babies -- because that's what moms do. We put our kids first, even if it means putting ourselves on the back burner or doing something we really don't want to do.

Think about it for a second -- is what Laura did really any different than moms who give up their vices, like alcohol, smoking, and coffee, when they find out they're pregnant? I know I missed my morning cup-o-joe and evening vino for the entire nine months while I was expecting my son -- but it was more than worth it to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Or how about moms who choose to give up their careers to stay home with their little ones during those first few years even though it means starting from the bottom again if they ever re-enter the workforce? Or moms who return to their jobs after their maternity leave is up because they are better able to provide for their child even though they'd much rather stay home?

Moms are constantly making sacrifices and decisions based on what is best for their kids, so embracing meat for a few months is most definitely not the first time Laura's own needs will take a backseat to her babies'. But I think it's safe to say that any mom will tell her it's more than worth it -- because nothing can replace the joy of raising a happy and healthy child.

Have you changed anything major about your lifestyle during your pregnancy?


Image via nikkicookiebaker/Flickr

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