Touching Reunion Between Military Dad & Little Girl Is the Stuff Hugs Were Made For (VIDEO)

dad hugging daughterOne of the hardest things about military deployments for a soldier is missing out on life's events back at home, big and small. When a military dad is away, he can't just put his oldest daughter's first day of school on hold or ask her dance instructor to postpone her big recital. Which is why reuniting with loved ones and catching up on absolutely everything that's happened is one of life's greatest joys for those in our military.

Take John, for instance. This military dad was stationed overseas in Afghanistan since May, and he recently gave his daughter Juliana a major surprise at school showing up after months away. Their reunion is absolutely adorable! Just you wait until you hear the one thing he notices about his daughter when he first looks at her:


A tooth! It's crazy to think that something as teeny as losing a tooth could be such a big deal to both daughter and father, but that's just one example of a life event that happens while dads, brothers, relatives, and friends are away serving our country. It's so heartwarming to see this father back with his daughter. And that hug? Ugh! The best.

I hope that now this duo's back together, they take this much-needed time to catch up on all the other important stuff (big and small). Welcome home!

How cute is this?


Image via TheBobjohnson1984/YouTube

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