Mom Won't Let Her Kid Go to College Alone -- But She Has a Good Reason (VIDEO)

It's hard enough to send your babies off to college, but imagine if your "baby" is still, well, a baby?! Carson Huey-You, who is only 11 years old, just started his freshman year at Texas Christian University. That's right, at an age when most kids are still playing videogames and getting tucked into bed at night, Carson will be studying calculus, religion, and history as an undergrad. His major? Physics! But this brainy kid's mom won't have too much trouble saying good-bye -- she'll be attending classes with her pint-sized prodigy.


Carson was only 10 when he applied to college. "He was completely off the grid when it came to even the most basic of things, like completing an application or completing a financial aid form. Because of his date of birth, those forms would not accept his application," the school's dean of admissions told NBC 5.

Carson has always been -- I think the technical term for it is a "smarty pants." He was reading books at age 2 and doing multiplication and division by age 3. Think about that next time you brag how smart your kid is! And he plays Beethoven on the piano. Oh, and he speaks Mandarin. Of course he does. Anything else? Sit down, Carson. You're beginning to annoy me.

Carson wants a PhD by the time he's 20 and claims that calculus "relaxes" him. Oh, it does me too. So much so that I fall asleep! Carson, there is no chance we're related.

This might sound like a kid who was whipped into prodigyhood by his super ambitious, overachieving parents, but apparently not. This is all Carson, who comes by it naturally. And his parents felt that, young as he was, they shouldn't hold him back. Asked if he would prefer to be starting fifth grade with kids his age, he told People, "I can't really think of anywhere else I'd rather be."

For parents who dread the empty nest, think of Carson's parents. He's in college at 11. He'll probably be running the country by 15. Maybe he already is -- secretly.

His parents, Claretta and Andre, say they didn't "push" him into college and spent a lot of time trying to find just the right school for him. Plus, mom will be attending all classes with him. Poor Mom, having to sit through calculus again. The downside of birthing a genius. That and having to carry your genius kid's heavy backpack! (That's not a joke. She does it!)

Still, it must cause some anxiety to Carson's parents knowing their little boy is in a school with all adults and teens. On the other hand, they must be bursting with pride.

Would you let your kid attend college if he or she was ready? Do you think Carson is being rushed?


Image via NBC News 5

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