Navy Dad Meets Son for 1st Time Just Days Before Baby Has Brain Surgery (VIDEO)

navy dad and baby

Oh my -- you really need to grab a box of tissues and get yourself ready for a good cry after hearing about a Navy dad meeting his son for the first time. He surprised his family with his homecoming from Afghanistan.

Master at Arms Second Class John Foster wasn't supposed to return home to Virginia until October. When his wife Amber learned that their new baby, Nolan, had to have open skull surgery, she contacted the Red Cross to see if there was any way John could be there to support her -- especially since he wasn't able to be present for Nolan's birth.

Thanks to her efforts, he was able to come back just in time -- as baby Nolan will undergo surgery in a few days.


To surprise the other three children in their family, Amber set up a scavenger hunt at a local park -- where the kids found their daddy waiting with open arms at the end.

Here's the clip; it will definitely move you to tears.

Didn't you want to reach through the screen and give Amber a huge hug? It must be unimaginable to go through a birth without your husband present -- and then to learn that something is wrong with your baby? I can't even imagine how devastating it was to hear that news, especially since she wasn't sure whether or not John would be able to return for the surgery.

Ugh. That poor baby boy. I pray that everything will go well and that he will be ok. It's just so wonderful that he'll have both of his parents there to help him recover -- and they'll also have each other for comfort during this difficult time.

What words of encouragement would you offer to this family?


Image via WTVR

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