Quick Thinking 6-Year-Old Saves Baby From Drowning (VIDEO)


Swimmers at a marina in Crosby, Texas were faced with a terrifying scene on Saturday night when a 6-year-old boy pulled a 1-year-old from the water after he'd fallen off a stationary floating raft in the river.

As you'll hear him explain in the video below, K'Xavier McCullough saw what he describes as a "white bump" lying in the water, and when he went over to it he realized it was a small child. He immediately brought the baby to the surface.

The 1-year-old was then pulled to shore and an adult nearby performed CPR while someone else called 911.


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Wow. That little boy deserves some sort of medal for sure. He could've easily panicked and started screaming when he saw that baby in the water, but instead, he sprung into action and is likely responsible for saving the child's life.

It's horrible to think about what might have happened if K'Xavier hadn't been nearby -- and this story just goes to show that accidents can happen in the water at any moment even if there are plenty of people around. And even though a stationary raft probably isn't the safest place for a 1-year-old, making us wonder where the parents were -- it's impossible to know what exactly happened that led to the child winding up in the water -- and almost drowning. We have to assume they are thankful and relieved that someone saw what happened and came to their baby's aid.

And luckily K'Xavier seemed to know exactly what to do -- and boy, his parents must be so proud of him for being so brave and doing what he thought was right. That's pretty much all any of us can hope our kids will do if they are faced with a scary situation, right?

Are you surprised that this boy did not panic and instead pulled the child out of the water?


Image via Click2Houston.com

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