Woman Wakes Up From Coma to Find Out She Is Three Months Pregnant

woman finds out she is pregnant in comaIn an amazing story out of England, a woman woke up from a coma to discover that she was 12 weeks pregnant with a child who managed to miraculously survive the moped crash that put his mother in the hospital. Now, her baby is 12 weeks old and despite massive head injuries that left her unable to remember the previous three years of her life (including who the father was), Gemma Holmes is thrilled to have a healthy son.

The details are almost too grim to believe. Holmes was tossed from her moped into a lamppost and was not expected to survive the traumatic crash. Her mother was told she was 12 weeks pregnant and advised to make the decision to terminate. But it was not a decision her mother felt comfortable making.

Miraculously, Holmes pulled through and was able to continue the pregnancy and give birth to a healthy son through C-section. She named her son Ruben Miracle. The reasons are obvious.


"I just thought that if this little baby inside me had managed to survive the awful crash then he was meant to be," Gemma told The Daily Mail

It was not an easy pregnancy, either. She was unable to take high dose pain killer for her accident because she was with child so she endured a lot of pain because of it. Still, she persevered.

I will never complain about pregnancy again. Both she and her son are so lucky, but I am in awe of a woman who was so brave and did so much to bring her child into the world. Good for her.

It is also amazing that her mother kept the faith and believed enough not to terminate the pregnancy. She is a huge part of the reason baby Ruben exists. It takes an awful lot of faith to make that leap, but what a good decision.

I can't even imagine the pain she might have felt upon waking to hear she was pregnant and her mother decided to terminate. This story is a true miracle, something we don't get to hear every day.

What an amazing little boy.

Would you have made that same decision if you were the mom?

Image via Aslak Raanes /Flickr

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