Marine's Wife Gives Birth in Helicopter 6,000 Feet In the Air (VIDEO)

Lisa Clinard

We've heard countless tales of women having babies on the side of the road, in their cars, and even on airplanes -- but one mom may have just topped all of those stories after giving birth in a helicopter while traveling at 6,000 feet.

Lisa Clinard, the wife of U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. Josh Clinard wasn't feeling right on the morning of July 31st, and that's when she and her husband decided she should probably get checked out by labor and delivery just to be on the safe side. She had some back pain and thought she may have kidney stones -- but then her water broke. A helicopter was called in to airlift her to Loma Linda University Medical Center in Southern California, but apparently her baby girl just wasn't willing to wait until they landed to make her entrance into the world.


Take a look at this video to hear more about Lisa's incredible birth story.


OMG. Can you even imagine? And it seems so ironic that when the chopper was brought in, Lisa agreed to ride in it but said, "Okay, as long as I don't give birth in a helicopter." (Almost like she jinxed herself!)

And how about the kidney stone thing? Huh. Considering she wasn't at her due date yet, I guess it's easy to see where back pain could be confused with something other than going into labor. Even though many moms wonder whether they will deliver early -- you never actually think it's going to happen to you, right?

While these parents have a very cool birth story to tell their friends and family, it did strike me how honest Lisa was about being scared during her ordeal -- and you can only fathom how uncomfortable she must have been. Heck, it was bad enough going through labor and delivery in a hospital birthing suite, so something tells me lying inside a tiny helicopter while trying to push out a baby isn't exactly an ideal situation.

And it also sounds like Lisa and her husband had one heck of a time getting a birth certificate issued for their daughter, considering they had to get a helicopter flight record as one of the required documents. I wonder if anyone else has ever requested one for that reason? (Hmm. I'm guessing odds aren't good.)

What amazed you most about this birth story?


Image via SoccerHD1/YouTube

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