2-Year-Old 'Send Pizza' Girl's Successful Cancer Surgery Gives Us Hope

cancer patient's send pizza signGood news today for Hazel Hammersley, the 2-year-old cancer patient you may remember for the quite effective "Send Pizza" sign her mother taped to her hospital window. The little girl -- who had a neuroblastoma tumor in her abdomen and was admitted to the hospital on the Fourth of July -- had successful surgery and will soon head home.

Officials at Children's Hospital Los Angeles say that doctors successfully removed the neuroblastoma on August 21. Her surgeon, David Bliss, called the five-hour operation a success, saying "we were able to achieve all of our surgical goals and to give Hazel the best opportunity to continue her journey towards a cure." Awesome!

Still, little Hazel's treatment isn't over just yet ...


She has more procedures ahead including a stem cell transplant, radiation therapy and more chemo, and it is uncertain if the cancer is gone for good. But the Hammersleys are hopeful. Hazel's mom Laura tells People:

I'm so relieved. She really is a courageous little girl.

Laura went onto say that although the world of childhood cancer "can be a very sad and depressing place," she realizes that posting the "Send Pizza" sign accomplished her goal of sending an important message -- that children like Hazel aren't just stats, but "real children who are so full of life who want to go on and have a happy life." Yes. Plus, as it turns out, the now-famous sign also helped raise money and awareness for the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation, which surely is something else to celebrate!

And once Hazel returns home, the family definitely plans to celebrate ... with a pizza party, of course!

What thoughts and wishes would you send to Hazel and her family?

Image via ashortstorylong/Imgur


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