Lying Mom Tells Her Healthy 4-Year-Old Daughter She Has Cancer

Ugh, yet another mother pretending her kid has cancer for money and attention. Abreail "Abby" Winkler was arrested after accepting around $3,000 in donations for her 4-year-old daughter -- who was supposedly fighting leukemia. Only, you know, she was perfectly healthy. Ugh, we've heard this tale before. This one is a little different though. Not only did the mom tell her daughter she had cancer -- nice thing to tell your little girl -- but the little girl, despite not having anything wrong with her, began exhibiting signs of cancer! Yeah, the mom had the kid so freaking convinced she had cancer that she began losing her hair and showing other signs of illness. Sick!!!


Winkler admitted that she had begun telling her ex-husband that their daughter had cancer in order to get his attention. Pathetic enough! (No wonder they are divorced.) But even worse is that she told her daughter the same thing.

Then she says the whole thing got "out of control" when sympathetic neighbors heard the tale and began collecting money for her. Naturally, she did not refuse to take it.

Luckily, someone caught on and reported the mom. And then the police had to talk to a little girl who thought she had cancer! Said detective Shaun Smith:

We interviewed the child, and up until a couple days prior to us interviewing her, she still at that point believed that she had cancer. At this point, she knows that she does not and appears to be coping with it well.

The f-ed up thing is that neighbors said that the child had begun showing signs of illness, including losing clumps of hair. Even though police believe the mom did nothing to make her daughter sick -- except tell her she was sick.

We all know the power of the mind. You really can convince yourself you are sick and exhibit physical symptoms. Apparently it can even happen to a 4-year-old.

The little girl now lives with her dad, Derick, who says, "She's loving life and getting into preschool. And she doesn't have dark circles under her eyes anymore."

Yeah, living with that mom would cause anyone to have dark circles under their eyes.

Let this be a lesson to moms about the power of suggestion.

Has your child ever seemed sick when she wasn't?


Image via Uintah County Sheriff's Office

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