Teenager Pleads With Dead Dad to Come Back to Life & He Does (VIDEO)

dead dad Tony YahleIf you're the type to get goosebumps, prepare for some bumpy flesh in 5, 4, 3, 2 ... doctors in Ohio have a bona fide miracle on their hands in the form of Tony Yahle. The dad was dead for 45 minutes. He had no heartbeat. And then suddenly, he came back to life.

How does that kind of thing happen? Well doctors can't really figure it out, but get this. Dad came to just after his teenage son talked to his body. Lawrence Yahle told his father, "Dad, you're not going to die today."

Could it be a father's love for his kid that brought him back?


I'm usually pretty suspicious about these sort of miracles, but I can't help it: it sounds so good, I want it to be true.

And why not? Just this week the story of a mom in a coma crying after a NICU nurse placed her baby in her arms went viral. The nurse thinks the mom, despite the coma, really knew that her baby was in her arms, that a mother's love was stronger than a coma.

So why not a father's love?

It's every bit as strong as a mother's.

And of all the reasons sick people "fight" to stay alive, being there for their kids is certainly near the top of the list.

Maybe doctors will find some other, more scientific reasons, to explain how the presumed-dead diesel mechanic came back after 45 minutes with no heartbeat. But I almost hope they don't. The story is so much more beautiful this way.

Check out Tony Yahle today:

What do you think of this miracle?


Image via WPTV

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