Parents Let 9-Year-Olds Fly While Strapped to Airplane Wings (VIDEO)

9-year-old wing walkers

Holy sh*&. After seeing this video of two 9-year-old "wing walkers" from the U.K., I'm slightly nauseated, and my palms and feet are all sweaty.

What exactly do I mean by wing walkers, you ask? Well, these two little girls, Rose Powell and Flame Brewer, are cousins who went up in the air in their grandfather's biplanes -- while strapped to the freakin' wings.

Did I mention the planes were flying at a speed of close to 100 miles per hour with the girls on top of them?

Yep. Their little adventure just landed them the unofficial record of the youngest formation wing walkers.


Take a look -- and get ready for your heart to drop into your stomach.


OMG. Let me guess -- you almost threw up when the planes took off. Yeah, me too.

I know the girls' grandfather said they were perfectly safe and that they were strapped in with five-point harnesses -- but that doesn't change the fact that they were on TOP of an airplane!

Yes, it's wonderful that they wanted to raise awareness about muscular dystrophy by taking the flight -- but surely there had to be a less death-defying way to go about it!

I know as parents it's important to encourage our kids and make sure they live their lives to the fullest and aren't afraid to take risks. But if my kid ever came to me asking to be strapped to a moving airplane? My answer would be something alone the lines of, "hell-to-the-NO!"

What if something had gone wrong and the harness had failed and one of them had fallen out? It could happen. Harnesses are not foolproof, and it just seems more than a little irresponsible to let girls this young take on a challenge this dangerous.

Luckily everything worked out ok and the girls are perfectly fine. But if I were their mom and dad, I'd think twice about ever allowing them to pull a stunt like that again.

Would you let your child do something like this?

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