Baby Girl Born in Parking Lot -- Just Like Her Dad!

parking lot birthThere are some crazy birth stories and then there are some CRAZY birth stories. The story of newborn girl Hannah Grace Mary Pavlik is the latter kind. She was born this past week in a gas station parking lot, which is weird enough in itself. The kicker is that her father, 33-year-old Frank Pavlik, was ALSO born in a parking lot at the Louis Joliet Mall.

Both he and his daughter were apparently unable to let their parents make it to the hospital. This was the third baby for the Pavliks, but the first girl, and I guess she was just in a pretty big hurry to make her entrance into the world.

I thought it was odd that in my family both my son and I were born on our due dates, but what are the chances of them BOTH being born in a parking lot? Is that hereditary?


The story is really a miracle. The little girl is healthy and doing just fine after her harrowing birth, and all is well that ends well. But still. What a wild ride. I guess they are lucky it was their third and not their first. A first would have been so terrifying. At least with a third, you know the drill.

Hannah's mom even had time for positivity, saying:

Every one of my friends has had emergency C-sections, foreceps. So many things can go wrong, which weren’t going through my mind at the time. I mean, she just came out ... I won’t to say easy, but easier than I thought.

Wow. This is one positive family. They also have a birth story they won't ever forget. Now all little Hannah needs to do is wait 33 years and have her OWN parking lot birth. Or maybe not. I am sure, all things being equal, her parents would prefer to end this bizarre legacy once and for all.

Thank goodness for happy miracles.

What do you think the odds of this were?


Image via Joseph Kranak/Flickr

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