Grandmother Blames Library for Letting 9-Year-Old Check Out Erotic Book

library blamed erotic bookAn Indiana grandmother is furious after her 9-year-old grandson was allowed to check out Night Games by Crystal Jordan via self check-out at the library. The book, apparently, is a sexually explicit erotic novel and is wholly inappropriate for young children. That much is true. But the library was fairly unapologetic, telling the grandmother that it's her responsibility to keep her kids from reading that stuff.

The question: Was the library in the right? I am going with yes.

While I agree with the grandmother that it's disturbing -- and lord knows I would be bothered -- the library is right here. It's a public library, which means they can and should have a lot of books for people to choose from and some of those books may not be for children. See below:


The reality is, as parents or guardians, it's our job to protect our kids from what they see. It's one thing to keep things out of a school library, but even that is a slippery slope.

Some of my earliest "erotic" memories come from stealing books from my parents' friends and reading them. Obviously my parents didn't condone this, but hey, they should have kept a better eye on me, right?

We are parents. As parents it's OUR job and our job only to protect our kids. I am sorry for this grandmother. That is upsetting. But the library is right here. As a public library, their job is to make sure the public has access to books.

Hiding books from people isn't the job of the library, and much as I don't think a 9-year-old should be reading that stuff, at least he's reading, right? He's showing an avid interest in books! It's not all bad.

Do you think the library is at fault here?


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