School That Banned Parents From Walking Kids Into Classrooms Are Doing Them a Favor

walking to schoolThe morning drop-off at school is an important tradition for many families. The benefits are twofold -- more quality time with your kids and the peace of mind knowing that they got there safely. Parents take comfort in seeing their child get settled into their seat. However, one Texas school district is banning parents from entering the building after the first week of classes. It may sound harsh, but it's in everyone's best interest.


It can be hard for a parent to let go, especially when our little ones first start school. How many moms have shed tears as their kindergartner makes his way into school for the first time? And certainly those first few days are just as harrowing for our little ones. The building can seem big, scary, and overwhelming. It makes sense that initially there is a period of adjustment for everyone.

For the first week or two, parents should be allowed to escort their kid into the classroom to help soothe their tears and fears. But allowing the coddling to go on any longer than that is a very bad idea. You have to cut the umbilical cord. Our kids have to learn a bit of independence and that starts with school drop-off.

I also agree with the school's claim that it is a safety issue. You can't have a hundred parents crowding the halls every morning. That creates a great deal of havoc and is hard for teachers and administrators to keep the environment under control. And in the wake of so much school violence, who can argue with that?

Do you think parents should be allowed to walk their children into the classroom during drop-off?

Image via Pat Pilon/Flickr

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