Little Boy Gets Trapped in Toy Grabber Machine & Mom Freaks Out (VIDEO)

trapped claw machineWhat would you do if your little boy (somehow, inexplicably) got trapped in one of those claw machines with the toy prizes nobody ever wins cause those claw machines are rigged?? Would you: a) Freak out in terror and scream for help, b) beam with pride at your child's clever tactics, OR c) get super mad and yell at your kid in front of all the concerned strangers

If you were the mom in this video, your choice would be c) get super mad and yell at your kid in front of all the concerned strangers. Because ... well, I'm not sure why, exactly. Even though I've probably had similar reactions in similar situations ...


Seriously, ever wonder why it is that some of us -- parents, that is -- get really mad at our kids when they put themselves in harm's way? Now, bear in mind, I'm not talking about big kids doing big dumb things, like a 16-year-old drinking and driving or something seriously worthy of parental ire. I'm talking about little kids who fall off tall objects they weren't supposed to be climbing in the first place or touch hot stoves they were supposed to be keeping away from or eat colorful soaps they were warned against putting in their mouths because, contrary to appearances, soap is not candy!! I mean, we're not really mad at our kids in those moments, are we?? We're more scared than anything else. But somehow, that fear and worry and, underneath it all, love manifest as one big I Told You So. 

And the sad thing is, that's all our kids really take from those moments of panic-induced parental pissed off-ness: Mom is mad at me. Mom is mad at me because I hurt myself ... ?!

Maybe someday this little boy, like so many little boys, will look back and realize his mom got angry because she was scared, but for now, who knows what he thinks? At least he'll never climb into one of those machines again, that much is for sure. I think. Check it out:

Do you ever find yourself getting angry at your kids when they put themselves in harm's way?

Image via Spinolio/YouTube

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