Freak Trampoline Accident Kills 9-Year-Old Girl

trampolineIt was one of those terrifying accidents that no one ever could have seen coming. Oaklee Sidwell, 9, was out in the backyard of her Panguitch, Utah, home jumping on a trampoline with her cousins. When she was finished with the fun, she sat down on the side of the trampoline to put on her shoes. That's when a huge gust of wind picked up the trampoline and carried it through the air.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Oaklee was carried through the air on the trampoline for about 50 feet before she was dropped to the ground. She was rushed to the hospital, but tragically, she died the next day.


Police say it was "freak accident" and "this is nobody's fault". The family had taken every possible precaution to make it safe. It had a safety net and was anchored underground. It was just one of those things.

While I'm not a fan of trampolines and won't let my children have one, this tragedy isn't a reason I will add to my list of 800 other reasons they can't have one. This was just a random incident, and those are things we simply can't prevent as parents.

It's easy to read the headlines and see a child killed or injured by this, that, and the other thing -- from random falling trees to games of hide & seek gone wrong -- and want to eliminate the dangers one by one from their lives. But if we keep doing that, they'll be doing little living.

There are plenty of other reasons to refuse to get your kids a trampoline, but this isn't one of them. This was just a simple, freak accident, and the fact is that often no matter what we buy or don't buy, or allow them to do or not, we can't prevent those from happening.

Will this make you rethink letting your kids play on trampolines?

Image via US CPSP/Flickr

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