Mom Outraged at Kid Seeing Racy Commercial Has Only Herself to Blame (VIDEO)

betrayalFlorida Mom Rebeca Seitz has a major beef with ABC. As she and her child ate their breakfast while watching Good Morning America, they apparently got the shock of their lives. During a commercial break, an ad for the drama Betrayal popped up depicting a steamy sex scene. Seitz was floored that 1) her 8-year-old had witnessed such thing and 2) that the network would air it. "This wasn’t primetime. This was a commercial about a primetime show airing while we all enjoy cornflakes and coffee and wish our kiddos a good morning," she wrote on her blog.

But I have to say, if there is anyone to blame in this situation, it's Seitz herself.


She went on to write, "My kid saw that ... Not because I took him to a movie wholly inappropriate for his age. Not because I quit parenting and just told him to turn on the TV at 10pm and watch whatever."

She posted her "confusion" and disbelief" on Facebook along with a screen shot of the sexy scene and promptly got a warning that she was breaking the sites code of conduct rules. She has since been doing interviews talking about her whole "ordeal."

But I just don’t get this mom’s outrage. GMA is not children’s television. It's a morning news show. By definition, news is not kid-friendly. Seitz says she watches the news with her kids in order to teach them about what is happening in the world. But these shows are not made for children. They cover crime, deaths, murders, stories of a sexual nature. Did she let them sit through the coverage about the Jodi Arias murder trial too?

If you allow your children to watch these programs, you are taking a certain amount of risk over what they will ultimately see on that show and in its TV commercials. That's just the reality of the situation. Ultimately, you are responsible for what your kids see on TV in your own home. I say, keep on Nick, Jr when they are eating their Pop Tarts or better yet, just talk to them about the news stories you think are important for them to know.

Do you think this mom is overreacting?

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