Security Cameras Catch Mom Giving Birth in Hospital Lobby (VIDEO)

give birth floorWhat the sh*&? That's the reaction I had after seeing a video of a mom giving birth on the floor in the lobby of Jackson South Community Hospital in Miami.

The footage of Susana Privada's ordeal was captured by a security surveillance camera, and it's nothing short of shocking, to say the least.

First you see Susana and her husband, Carlos Saravia, arrive at the hospital and go up to the information desk. It's clear that she's in full-on labor based on how she puts her head down on her arm in pain.

She then lays down on the floor because she can't wait any longer. Carlos proceeds to start delivering his baby right there in the middle of the lobby while the worker behind the desk calls for help.


Did I mention a dude wearing what appears to be scrubs walks right by her and doesn't bother stopping to lend a hand? (What's up with that?)

To hear more about what happened, take a look at this video clip.


Wow -- what a birth story she has to tell! All I can say is, thank GOD a man in a lab coat finally showed up and rushed to her assistance -- otherwise Carlos may have wound up having to do the whole delivery himself.

And how about that one point in the birth footage where Carlos unzipped his wife's bag and took out what looked like a jacket for something to wrap up his newborn baby in? I couldn't believe it. You'd think since they were in a HOSPITAL, someone could've run down with some towels or blankets or something! And I know they were in the lobby when the birth went down, but it's still shocking that a team of medical professionals didn't show up immediately after the desk worker called to say there was a woman GIVING BIRTH on the freakin' floor!

(Sorry. This story is blowing my mind a little.)

Can you believe this? Are you shocked at how long it took for help to arrive?


Image via CBS Local Miami

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