What to Wear to Show Your Support for Breastfeeding Moms

keep calm and breastfeed onHappy Public Display of Breastfeeding Day! And Happy Breastfeeding Awareness month! To celebrate, over at The Prowl today, we're collectively putting together a board of t-shirts and onesies showing pride for nursing mamas. If you're breastfeeding and want to proudly proclaim it to the world or you just want to support nursing moms, here are some shirts that will spread your lactivist message.




Peace, Love, and Breastfeeding. This shirt is more subtle than some others in its message and the simple design is cute and stylish.

Peace Love Breastfeeding

Nursing moms really are superheroes. Who else could deal with those flailing arms, leaking ta-tas, and the endless search to find someplace semi-private to pump? This t-shirt gets it right.

Breastfeeding superpower

And let's not forget the little milk drinkers out there. They can show their pride for their nursing mamas, too (and look darn cute doing it!).

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To see more t-shirts and onesies celebrating breastfeeding mamas, stop on over to The Prowl. See what else we've collected so far and add your own ideas to the board!


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