'Public Display of Breastfeeding Day': How You Can Join the Lactating Fun

breastfeeding on trainBreastfeeding mamas, today is no ordinary Thursday. It's Public Display of Breastfeeding Day! As part of Breastfeeding Awareness Month, moms are encouraged to gather in public spaces to breastfeed in order "to empower moms and show the world that if a mom chooses to breastfeed, it’s her right to feed her baby whenever and wherever she needs to," as The Bump puts it.

Gatherings are planned in big cities around the country, but what if you're not in New York, Los Angeles, or Boston? Here's a few other ways you can participate.


Take the pledge: If you're probably going to breastfeed somewhere public today anyway (the playground, the library, the bus), sign up to take the breastfeeding pledge.

Tweet: You can tweet #PDB to @thebump @BoppyCompany to say where you're breastfeeding. You could also try using that hashtag and mentioning your city to see if there are other moms participating in your area.

Instagram: Moms be Instagraming Public Display of Breastfeeding Day already! Join in with your own photo by posting with the #PDB hashtag in Instagram.

Try it for the first time: If you've always wished you could be brave enough to breastfeed wherever instead of the bathroom, today is the day to try. We have a few breastfeeding in public tips. And here's more tips and tricks for public breastfeeding.

Find your community: Whether it's online or off, La Leche League or your book group, find other moms who dare. Strength in numbers, ladies! That's where the best tips are shared, and that's where you'll feel your support. Know that you are not alone.

Wearing a support breastfeeding type of T-shirt today or got one for your baby? Share them with other moms looking for breastfeeding tees and onesies.

Are you planning on participating in Public Display of Breastfeeding Day?


Image via Maja/Flickr

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