Baby Monitor Hacked So Sicko Could Spy on 2-Year-Old Girl (VIDEO)

baby monitorIf you have a baby monitor in your child's room, be prepared to be majorly freaked out. More importantly, be prepared to take action to prevent what recently happened to a Texas family who found a sicko spying on their 2-year-old daughter through the video monitor in her room.

According to ABC News, Marc and Lauren Gilbert heard a strange voice coming from their sleeping daughter's room earlier this week. The voice, which had a British-sounding accent -- was saying sexually explicit things to the girl, and telling her to wake up. It was coming from the baby monitor, which was hooked up to the family's wireless Internet system.


Do you have chills yet? Apparently he was able to spy on her through the video monitor, and was even able to move the camera around. He knew her name (reportedly because he saw a sign on her wall), and was calling her by it. The Gilberts said they also heard him calling their daughter an "effing moron," and telling her, "wake up you little slut."

I want to vomit. When Marc realized what was going on, he went over to the monitor. He couldn't see the creep, but he ripped the device out of the wall. How long this had been going on or if it was one-time incident, they don't know. Since the girl is deaf, she thankfully didn't hear any of it, but the thought of what could have happened and what may be happening across the country is truly terrifying.

According to the station he didn't report the incident to the police, which I find alarming, but maybe he was just shaken up to do so. He says that his Internet provider told him to check the password on his device, but I'm not sure anything would ever make me trust one of those things again. It also makes me wonder about the camera on my phone, my computer, and any other place cameras exist these days.

So what should parents do? Security expert Dave Chronister told that setting a strong password, changing it frequently, and using Wi-Fi Protected Access 2  is a good start. He said usually these kind of hackers are just kids "pulling a prank," but the thoughts of what else could be involved are simply too horrifying to take a chance as far as I'm concerned.

Do you use a video baby monitor? Will you continue to do so after hearing this account?


Image via ABC

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