Mom Gives Birth Mid-Flight & Boy Did She Get Lucky!

royal air marocA woman traveling from Casablanca, Morocco to Bologna, Italy on a Royal Air Morac flight went into labor after takeoff on Sunday and gave birth to a baby boy mid-flight before the plane had a chance to land.

The flight had been diverted to Barcelona, presumably after this poor woman started pushing out a baby in mid-air, but I guess her little guy just wasn't willing to wait until the wheels touched down.

And while delivering a baby on an airplane isn't exactly the birthing story every mom dreams of, this woman was graced with a stroke of luck that probably made things a little bit easier.


The flight's crew members did come to her assistance, but would you believe there also happened to be a midwife on board who helped deliver the baby? Sheesh. What are the odds?

We've seen countless scenarios on TV and in movies where you hear someone yell, "Is there a doctor on board?" when something goes down on a plane. Can you imagine this mom's relief and surprise when a midwife popped up out of her seat and came to the rescue?

Upon arriving in Barcelona, both mom and baby were taken to the hospital, and the airline says they are both doing well. And after that, the plane did continue on to its intended destination of Bologna, Italy.

And while I'm sure this midwife received more than a few thank-yous, it probably wouldn't be in bad taste if the airline offered her a few extra frequent flier miles for aiding in the birth. She certainly went above and beyond the call of duty for a standard airline passenger!

Have you ever worried about going into labor on a plane?


Image via abdallahh/Flickr

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