Mom's Freakout at Kids Is Caught on Tape -- Uh-Oh (VIDEO)

parenting caught on tapeParenting: It isn't always pretty. I know I've had my share of moments as a mom I'm thankful no one witnessed -- no one except my kids, that is, who will of course never let me forget any of my missteps for the rest of my life, but that goes without saying. Point is, we all lose it from time to time. And have you ever noticed that for some reason, those times tend to come when you least expect them? Like, I never seem to blow my top when my kids actually do something worth blowing my top over -- like, I don't know, lying about doing their homework or something. Instead, I always seem to lose it over seemingly insignificant things, like, well, forgetting to flush the toilet. Which is what sent the at-the-end-of-her-rope mom in this video over the proverbial edge.


It's a total fluke that this poor woman's momentary lapse in sanity was even caught on tape to begin with -- from the looks of it, her daughters just happened to be filming themselves talking about something when she opened the door and let 'em have it, so to speak. Does she know that this clip was posted on YouTube? Does she know how many millions of hits it's gotten so far? I hope the answer to both of those questions is yes, because it would mean she has a good sense of humor and doesn't take herself too seriously and, hey, all in good fun! 

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Either way, I can certainly relate and I'm willing to bet you'll feel the same way. (I'm also willing to bet this is gonna make you crack the hell up.) Just watch:

Was I right or was I right? Lady, I feel your pain. I only wish I had a cool accent like yours so that when I swore at my kids, it was even half as funny as when you swear at yours.

What's the most ridiculous thing you ever blew up at your kids about?

Image via jay harris/YouTube

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