Dad Who Gives His 6-Year-Old Son Marijuana Did What Any Parent Would (VIDEO)

How far would you go to help your child? What if you'd tried everything to help your child and nothing was working? Jason David knows that feeling. His son 6-year-old Jayden has Dravets Syndrome, a form of epilepsy that caused him to have almost constant violent seizures. Jayden was on 22 pills a day to try and control the seizures, but they got to the point where he couldn't eat, sleep, walk, or even go to the bathroom. Jason didn't know how long his son could hold on. He went to his doctor and said, "I don't know how long Jayden is going to last."

That's when Jason decided to take matters into his own hands. He decided to try a liquid form of medical marijuana, which had had some success with seizures. It was a risk. Could Jayden even get worse? But he tried it. And it worked.


Says Jason:

The first day I gave him medical marijuana, thank God. [It was] the first day he went seizure free in his life.

It has been a few years since Jason first tried the medical marijuana, and since then he says that Jayden can walk up and down stairs. He rides rollercoasters, swims, and is down to two pills a day from 22. He even gives his dad high-fives!

Now, let's be clear: Jason and Jayden live in California, where medical marijuana is legal. It's legal in 20 states. And Jason got a prescription for the drug from a pediatrician. He didn't just start growing it and letting his son toke up, which would be illegal.

Buuuuut even if he did do that as a last resort, could anyone blame him? Jayden was on every form of drug imaginable already and nothing was working.

I think there's a danger to taking your child's medical issues into your own hands -- but there's also a danger in not being involved and not doing your own research and using your own instincts. There has to be a balance.

But when your child is this bad off, who wouldn't do whatever they needed to do, even if that meant moving to another state, where the drug was legal? Even if that meant trying something illegal? Because Jayden was not going to survive without eating, drinking, or going to the bathroom! I tell you, I would do it. Put me in jail.

Still, there is no scientific evidence that medical marijuana prevents seizures. Jason is using his own experience. But sometimes that's all there is, anecdotal evidence, until there's enough studies to make medical miracles into medical fact.

Jason was one of those dads who wasn't going to be stopped until he helped his son. Before the medical marijuana, Jason says he was so distraught about his son's condition, he contemplated suicide. But now he and Jayden, who both appeared in Dr. Sanjay Gupta's documentary Weed, are around to enjoy life.

What would you do?

Image via Steve DeAngelo/YouTube

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