Tug of War Over Baby Veronica Continues ... Ugh! (VIDEO)

Baby Veronica has been at the center of a politically-charged adoption battle for years and it has finally come to an end. A judge has ordered the little girl returned to her adoptive parents. The ruling came down after Veronica's father, Dusten Brown, missed a court-mandated meeting. Since Brown has been fighting in court for years for his biological daughter, it's odd he would miss a meeting that would result in his rights being terminated. Yet a report says he is in military training for the Army National Guard and won't be home until August 21.


Veronica has been ordered by a judge in South Carolina to be returned to her adoptive parents, Melanie and Matt Capobianco.

From the beginning, this was a heartwrenching case and it remains that way. According to reports, Dusten had refused to help financially support Veronica when she was born and her biological mother, Christy Maldonado, chose an open adoption with the Capobiancos. Dusten signed adoption papers and then was deployed overseas.

Since Dusten is Cherokee, and there are strict laws about adopting Cherokee children, lawyers contacted Cherokee Nation to make sure Dusten was on board with the adoption. But they could find no record of him. The adoption went through.

But after two years of raising the little girl, Dusten suddenly wanted her back. Had he matured during his time overseas? Did he regret his decision? Or is he just one of those people who has to control and meddle in everything?

I can understand a young person giving up rights to their child and then years later regretting it and wanting a second chance. Perhaps he felt that Veronica was still young enough that she could re-adapt to him as her father. However, there are consequences to your actions, and if you give up parental rights, you can't just waltz in and reclaim them any time you like at your own convenience.

But since the Capobiancos were awarded custody last week, nothing has happened. The child remains in the care of her biological family. Dusten Brown himself is reportedly in military training and the girl is being taken care of by his wife and family.

There are so many children in the world who need homes and this little girl already has a home. So I don't know what to think here. Should the Capobiancos just give up? Should they just be glad Veronica has people who love her? Or do they have the right to feel like she is their child and keep fighting? Ugh, so heartbreaking and complex!

At the end of the day, wouldn't it be great to have all of these people who want Veronica in one room thinking about HER only? Talking to her about what she wants?

But it seems like the battle isn't over. Cherokee Nation says it can appeal the decision. This little girl is far from being stable any time soon. And that is a shame.

What do you think of the decision?


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