Woman Gives Birth to 13-Pound, 11-Ounce Baby With NO Epidural

Maria Lorena MarinHoly ouch is all I can think when it comes to this latest big baby story out of a Spain. Doctors say little (or not so little) Maria Lorena Marin is the biggest baby ever to be born naturally in the country. She weighed in at an incredible 13 pounds, 11 ounces when she arrived in the world Wednesday morning.

Even more incredible -- she was delivered without pain medication. None. "I did not even need an epidural," her mother Maxime Marin was quoted by the BBC as saying. Talk about making the rest of us feel like wimps. Wow. Just wow.


Doctors say the delivery was "uncomplicated," and Maxime said she expected her to be big "but not that big." The good news is that both mom and baby are said to be doing well. Doctor Javier Rius told the BBC:

In my 40-year professional career I have never known of any case of a birth with this weight by natural childbirth. We are all very satisfied with the work which we carried out.

Maria tops Germany's new heavyweight baby, Jasleen, who made headlines last month when she was born weighing 13.47 pounds. And while it was never reported that her mother did, in fact, have an epidural, my guess is that it would have been reported if she did not, because that's just incredible, really, any way you look at it. Addyson Gale Cessna, who shocked us when she was born last month in Pennsylvania weighing 13 pounds, 12 ounces, still bests both of them when it comes to weight though in recent months.

While we marvel at these record-holding babies, of course it isn't a contest that anyone should want to win. Babies born at high birth weighs are at risk from complications like diabetes and respiratory issues and even things like leukemia.

Hopefully, Maria will be fine, but I hope mom and dad have some serious muscle power. Most of us get to gradually build it up as the baby grows, but that's a lot of baby to be lifting right off the bat.

Can you imagine delivering a child this large without an epidural?


Image via Hospital Marina Salud/AFP/Getty Images

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