Air Force Dad Gives His Son Best 7th Birthday Surprise Ever (VIDEO)

There are a whole lot of different things a little kid could want for his 7th birthday. The usual stuff? A cool new toy, maybe an iPod, some sort of fancy schmancy video game. For one lucky birthday boy, his greatest wish was just to have his dad back from his six-month deployment with the Air Force. Can you blame him? A hero for a 7th birthday present sounds like a great choice to me.

Daddy may have missed his little guy's actual birthday, but with the help of some great wrapping paper and some careful planning, he was able to give his son a belated birthday present he will always remember.

Watch this Airman's touching surprise homecoming, here:


The boy is so happy he can hardly speak! And don't you love how Rhianna, the mom, wants to check and make sure her daughter understands what's going on? Ha! Seems to me like Eva is just as ecstatic as her brother to have her father back home.

Does this give you goosebumps?


Image via Rhianna Stainbrook/YouTube

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