Who Cares What Color 'Astronaut' Barbie's Helmet Is?

mars explorer barbieGuess what Barbie-related madness parents are freaking out about today? No, not Tattoo Barbie (that harlot in heels!). No, not Drag Queen Barbie (that, er, he-lot in heels!). And no, not Mexico Barbie (which actually was kind of offensive). This week's controversial Barbie doll of choice? Mars Explorer Barbie! Hey, sounds like Barbie finally landed a pretty cool gig! (This doll is actually part of the "I Can Be" series, which features several other career options for good old Babs, but more on those later.) But there is, according to some parents, still one major problem with this plastic space oddity: Her helmet, boots, and "spacepack" are ... PINK.


Sigh. Look, I'm not the frilly type and I was beyond thrilled when my daughter outgrew the Disney Princesses phase, but ... what do people expect?? This is a Barbie doll we're talking about. Barbie is never gonna be anything besides Barbie (meaning, pink). But liking pink doesn't necessarily mean a girl isn't gonna grow up to be an astronaut, does it? I agree that we need a broader range of toys for girls, but flipping out over a pink space helmet isn't going to help matters. Who knows, maybe it's a good way to get little girls who are hung up on the sparkly thing interested in something besides growing up to be Cinderella.

Now, that said, it DOES bother me a bit that the other dolls in the "I Can Be" series are, for the most part, super dumbed-down. Among the other things Barbie can be: "Baby Doctor" (why not just say pediatrician?!); "Animal Doctor" (again, veterinarian?!); "Actress"; "Magician"; "Rock Star." 

So the pink thing, really, seems like a lost cause. How bout just a different toy altogether?

Does it bother you that Mars Explorer Barbie's helmet is pink?

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