Cafe Owner Who Publicly Shamed Moms for Their 'Messy Kids' Had Good Reason to Be Annoyed (VIDEO)

Kids in restaurants are a sore topic for a lot of people. Those of us in a restaurant without children would like to, you know, actually enjoy the meal without being terrorized by screaming, running, chair-knocking-over children. Those of us who have kids would like to get out once in awhile and would appeciate a little understanding from other people in restaurants. But parents may be in denial about how irritating their precious snowflakes can be to other people. Some people, however, are overly sensitive to the presence of kids, who, after all, do share the planet with us. So what to do? Well, one cafe owner decided to take to Facebook to shame some moms who didn't clean up after their messy children. And it didn't go so well for her.


Lorraine MacDuff, who owns Rainy Days Caffe in Washington state, posted a photo on Facebook of crumbs on the floor that a group of children left behind after eating scones with their moms. She also wrote:

I'd like to take this time to thank our customers with small children who don't make messes.

Little did the cafe owner realize that she was about to step directly into Sanctimommyville. One offended mom shared the post and then it went viral. MacDuff was pounded with outrage. MacDuff told KOMO News:

I had somebody on Facebook threaten to drag me behind their truck. I've had people threaten to picket my business.

But I'm guessing if it's parents with ill-behaved children, MacDuff probably doesn't mind. She also added that she had asked the party to leave her establishment because one of the kids was having the mother of all meltdowns. She says:

He was screaming the whole time. I was like, "You ladies are gonna need to leave, and you're welcome to come back, but you can't bring your children."

I have no problem with MacDuff asking the party to leave. I will never understand parents who don't even TRY to control their children. I have heard every excuse in the book about it. "Oh, they don't listen anyway." "I'm so tired I don't even hear it anymore." Etc.

Who cares?! Get your head out of your ass, wake up, and realize your children are bothering people!! (And I don't care if you're military wives, as these moms were.)

On the other hand, I think the Facebook shaming was a bit much. I realize that's the trendy thing to do now, but in this case it wasn't warranted. The children left behind crumbs from scones.

Scones are crumbly! Anyone could have left behind crumbs. As a cafe owner, I presume she's picked up crumbs before?

As for the Facebook threats, that's insane. People have too much time on their hands. There's a lot of bitter, unhappy people out there. Why would you threaten a person you don't even know? Is this what you want your kids to learn?

But crumbs? That's the price of selling scones. Cleaning up crumbs. End of story. Moms whose kids are screaming? You deserve to be asked to leave. End of story.

Now can we all just get along???

Do you think this owner was right?



Image via bnewschannel24X7/YouTube

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