American Airlines' Treatment of Breastfeeding Mom Offends Our Morals

airplaneGoing on a trip any time soon? Who would you rather have on your plane? A screaming, hungry baby? Or a breastfeeding baby whose mom hasn't covered him up? American Airlines seems to think it's number one.

The airline sent a rather interesting apology letter to a mom who was chastised for nursing her 5-month-old by one of their flight attendants during a recent trip. She got an official "sorry," but the letter basically tells the anonymous mom (a friend shared the viral photo of the letter on Facebook) to cover up and be modest for crying out loud.


The mom complained to American after a flight attendant told her she had to cover her nursing son with a blanket because there was a 12-year-old on the flight. When the mom said she'd prefer not to, the attendant made her family change seats ... then refused to look at the family or provide them with drinks and food during the flight.

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Her complaint prompted a letter in which the airline claims to be supportive of moms but:

We believe it is reasonable to ask that the mother cover up in an appropriate manner during the feeding.

The writer, a Tim Rhodes, specifically uses the words "modesty" and "discretion" when referring to how nursing moms act on commercial flights.

Now, I know a lot of nursing moms. And most are pretty discreet. They are feeding their kids, not putting on a show. Some go no cover because they're comfy with it. Some do it because that's what the KID is more comfortable with -- and it's less showy to have a quiet kid nursing cover-free than a screamer under a blanket.

But let's talk about commercial flights for a second, shall we? For parents, they suck. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. You are desperate to keep your kids quiet and well behaved, and the other passengers are not always understanding.

This mom, in particular, got that. She says she was breastfeeding her son after lift-off specifically because it would keep his ears from hurting ... and prevent him from crying in pain during the flight. She didn't want the little guy to bother the other passengers.

Got that Mr. Airline Representative? Breastfeeding moms make for quieter flights!

And that's what we ALL want, isn't it?

Do you breastfeed on airplanes? Have you ever gotten grief for it?


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