Toddler Dies From Leukemia 2 Days After Being Best Man at Parents' Wedding

boutonniereRemember the dying toddler who was going to be the best man at his parents' wedding last weekend? Logan Stevenson was losing his battle with leukemia and was expected to die within weeks, so his parents moved their wedding to this weekend so they could include him in the ceremony. They were just in time -- heartbreakingly, Logan died just yesterday. His mother, Christine Swidorsky Stevenson, announced via Facebook that Logan died in her arms at home. "He is with angels and he is in no more pain," she wrote.

Just a day or two before, Christine had carried her son on her shoulder as she walked down the aisle. He stood by his parents (and was sometimes held by his grandmother) for the 12-minute ceremony, wearing a tan pinstripe suit and orange shirt. Christine and her husband, Sean, knew time was running out for Logan. But I wonder if they knew how soon he would leave.


Logan was having trouble breathing by Monday, and a hospice worker came over to confirm that he was in his last few hours of life. The family gathered around. Logan was at home, surrounded by people who loved him, and comfortable. As awful as it is for a child to die so young, at least his death was peaceful and supporting.

Christine and Sean must be so glad they had the wedding when they did. And it's amazing that Logan held on long enough for the ceremony. It must have taken every ounce of his energy. Those memories will always be bittersweet, but they include Logan, and he will always be with them because of that. You can see photos of Logan Stevenson at his parents' wedding online.

Are you surprised Logan died so soon after his parents' wedding?


Image via Morgan/Facebook

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