Baby Who Miraculously Survived Fall Down Mountain Shouldn't Have Been There in the First Place (VIDEO)

A baby has miraculously survived a 100-foot fall in the Swiss Alps. The 1-year-old baby girl plummeted off a cable car that was climbing a mountain in the Alps, and astonishingly, she survived thanks to being put inside of a "rucksack" -- like a backpack -- and falling into a tree on the way down. But this isn't an entirely happy ending. For when the cable car lurched, it not only sent the little girl careening over the side -- but her parents too. And they were not so lucky.


The family was reportedly traveling 2,200 feet up Baerlaui Alp, Switzerland, in a cable car that was supposed to only be used for freight, not people. When they were 100 feet off the ground, the car reportedly lurched and tipped everyone over. The couple died instantly from head wounds, but rescuers heard whimpering from the rucksack in a tree and looked inside. The baby, severely injured, was alive. A spokesperson for the rescue said:

The rucksack cushioned the fall. Otherwise she would be dead too.

The couple were apparently on holiday and lived in Canada.

This is no doubt a tragedy, but it does bring up an interesting question about traveling with your baby -- and whether it's proper to bring them on the same kinds of excursions you used to do when you were babyless. Do you go skiing with your baby? Parasailing? Even just hiking?

If you're an outdoorsy, adventuresome type, it's probably second nature to you to go up a mountainside or take on some other high-risk sport that doesn't feel high risk to you at all.

But everything becomes high risk when there's a baby involved. One of my friends just mentioned that she'd gone skydiving over the weekend. I wondered whether anyone should skydive if she has a child (my friend does not, but it crossed my mind anyway).

On the other hand, should you not drive either, which is more dangerous than most of those other sports?

The cable car in this instance doesn't sound safe at all. Not only was it not made for human passengers -- it had nothing to keep the people in if it tipped over. And to have a baby in a backpack seems kind of strange.

All in all, not a risk I personally would have taken.

At any rate, the baby is now out of danger, and relatives are being contacted. It's a tragedy that she's now an orphan.

Do you bring your baby when you go on somewhat high risk excursions?

Image via RealHDVideos/YouTube

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