Baby Born in the 7th Month at 7 a.m. Weighing 7 Pounds Is One Lucky Kid (VIDEO)

7 baby

If you're at all superstitious, then you're really going to love hearing about a baby girl with the number seven attached to her birth in not one, but four different coincidences.

Baby Journee arrived last week in Texas at 7 a.m., and she weighed in at 7 pounds, and since this is July, she was born in the 7th month. Ok, so you're probably wondering where the fourth number seven plays in, right?

Check out this video clip to find out.


Ha! Can you believe her parents had to stop for gas just to make it to the hospital? (Great reminder that it pays to keep your tank full when you're nearing your due date.)

And how funny is it that they just happened to get gas at pump number seven?

With how many sevens surrounded this kid upon her entrance into the world, it's almost a bit surprising that she's named Journey -- not Seven.

(Please tell me you remember that Seinfeld episode when the couple steals the name Seven from George? What a classic.)

Every baby brings parents a dose of good fortune, but little Journee definitely seems to have more luck than your average newborn.

Are you superstitious about stuff like this?

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