Brave 11-Year-Old Girl Saves Baby From Fire (VIDEO)

Zna Gresham

When a fire broke out yesterday at an apartment complex in the Atlanta area, a mom and her three kids became trapped on the second floor of the building. And in what must have been an act of total desperation, the mother threw her 1-month-old baby out the window to avoid the smoke and flames.

And thankfully, 11-year-old Zna Gresham caught the newborn in her arms and is being hailed a hero for saving the baby's life.


As you will hear in this video, Zna was coming out of the building and saw her neighbor getting ready to throw the baby from the window, so she sprang into action to help.


Aww! What a sweet and brave little girl. She must have been so terrified, so it's amazing that she thought quickly on her feet enough to put out her arms to catch that falling baby.

But what really struck me about her incredible bravery was how she explained that after she caught the child, she took the baby somewhere safe -- so she could go back and catch the other kids too. What 11-year-old do you know who would go back toward a fire for the sake of someone they aren't even related to?

It sounds like little Zna didn't have to catch the others after all, but the fact that she even considered it speaks volumes about what a wonderful child she is.

Her parents must be so proud -- they're obviously raising an incredibly strong little girl!

Can you picture your kids doing something brave like this?


Image via MyFoxAtlanta

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