Dying Girl in Texas Given Snow in Her Yard as a Last Wish (VIDEO)

Maddie Higgins' greatest wish was to see a yard full of snow. But considering she lives in Texas, and it's summer, the chances of that were like a snowball's chance in hell. But Maddie isn't just any little girl. She's a special little girl who is bravely fighting brain cancer, and who will soon be having her third brain operation. Because of this, snow will come. And come it did thanks to a group that dedicates itself to making wishes like Maddie's come true.


Maddie was blindfolded and taken to her front yard by her family. Once the fold was removed and the delighted and shocked little girl spotted snow, she cried, "Impossible! It's summer!"

But possible it was because of Kinsley's Kure, a group that helps sick and terminally ill children. The company trucked the snow in with a snow machine and made this little girl's wish come true.

Maddie had loads of fun building a snow pirate and had her first snowball fights. She got to wear her Ugg boots and still be warm! It's so precious and heartwarming to watch her play -- every child should have this and no family should have to think about it possibly being the last time they see their child play.

Maddie is gearing up for her third battle with a brain tumor that just won't go away. Her mom says that they are deciding whether to do the third operation, which might change her quality of life for the worse or "we will enjoy her as long as we possibly can."

My 7-year-old niece died of her second brain tumor, but before she did, she got to visit Disneyland thanks to a similar wish fulfillment group. These groups do wonderful, angelic work. Please support them if you can.

Hopefully Maddie will pull through, but either way her family will always have memories of her playing in the snow. "She gets to be a carefree kid and just enjoy her life for as long as she can," says mom Melanie.

Have you ever known a child who died of cancer?



Image via 9News

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