Dad Sues Store Because Boots Made His 4-Year-Old Daughter Trip

girl bootsHave you ever met a parent who is always looking to blame someone when anything happens to their child? Well, I haven't met Shahan Stephanian, but my guess is he may be one of those.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the man from Pasadena, Calif., recently filed a lawsuit against Nordstrom. He says an employee at the store who was fitting his 4-year-old daughter for boots, put her in some that too big for her. Apparently she measured at about a size 11-12, but the employee had her try a 13 so there would be room to grow (something I actually appreciate as a parent). When the employee told her to walk toward a shelf to see how they felt, she tripped and hit her head.


Ouch. Apparently, it was a pretty hard fall as the lawsuit claims she suffered "serious injuries to her person. Said injuries include a laceration to her left eyebrow and eyelid area, which has left a permanent and very noticeable scar.”

I feel bad for her. I bet Nordstrom felt bad for her. But to sue over this incident is ridiculous, especially now since this happened in 2006! Nordstrom issued a statement saying they have let Stephanian know several times that they "welcome the opportunity to resolve his issues directly." But apparently he's not interested in something that civil.

The lawsuit says the girl was "too young to appreciate the danger of walking in boots that were too large or did not fit properly.” It claims the sales person "had a duty to use reasonable care to present the plaintiff with boots that were safe and of an appropriate size so that plaintiff would not have difficulty walking in said boots and/or would not stumble or fall while walking in said boots."

Her mother was there shopping with her, so she definitely could have intervened at any point. If anyone should be accountable, it's definitely her, but daddy doesn't see it that way -- probably because all the dollar signs in his eyes are in the way.

The bottom line is that it was an accident. Those happen a lot in life, and suing for something like this is just ridiculous. The worst part of it is the example this man is setting for his daughter -- to not take responsibility for yourself and your family but to pass blame whenever you can ... especially when there's something to potentially gain.

What do you think of this lawsuit?


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