Moms Refuse to Name Their Newborns Until the Royal Baby Is Born

hello my name isMost parents walk into the hospital already knowing what they're going to name their baby, or they have some idea. But for hundreds of parents who have given birth recently, there is still no name for their little pumpkin. They've left the hospital, brought the baby home, and they're waiting. Waiting, that is, for Kate Middleton to give birth.

As if the Duchess didn't already have enough pressure to go into labor, what with the entire WORLD watching her belly! Now she's got babies counting on her to give them a name!


This news comes out of -- where else -- Britain, where a survey of new moms revealed 10 percent of them were sitting tight until the royal baby arrives so they can copy the Wills and Kate.

It's ... well, it's a little whacka-doo, don't you think?

Babies aren't like dogs! You don't just say "NO!" and "Sit" and "Stay" all day long to them. You call them by name!

Although ... come to think of it ... we were already coming up with nicknames for our daughter just a day or two after she was born, some of which we still call her today. Moms and Dads do spend a lot of the early days just whispering sweet nothings in baby's ear.

So, OK, maybe it isn't that crazy to wait awhile before giving your baby a name that they'll have for the rest of their life? It's not like they KNOW you're waiting.

Things might be a wee bit tough if the prince and his beloved come up with a baby name that is very gender-specific (Edward? Victoria?), seeing as these new moms are really hedging their bets that the royal baby will be the same gender as their own child. BUT we know the royals tend to go with pretty normal, down-to-earth baby names, so letting Kate Middleton and Prince William essentially name your baby while naming their own is probably a lot safer than letting the customers at Starbucks do it for you (I wish I was kidding on that one).

Let's just hope Kate pops soon -- for her sake and these babies'!

Would you wait to name a baby? How long would you give it?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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