2-Year-Old Cancer Patient Tapes 'Send Pizza' Sign on Hospital Window & Gets Overwhelming Response

send pizzaTwo-year-old Hazel Hammersley has cancer, a neuroblastoma tumor in her abdomen. On the Fourth of July, she was admitted to the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles for a fever. While there, Hazel's grandmother and mother came up with a brilliant idea for raising everyone's spirits: Tape the message "Send Pizza" on the hospital window. It was just a silly whim. But days later they started getting a lot of deliveries.

It all started when Hazel's grandmother told the story of the time she was in a hospital as a girl, and put a sign reading "send pizza" in her hospital window. That sounded like a fun idea, so Hazel's mother, Lauren, put up a sign of their own. A few days went by with nothing. But then someone posted a photo of the sign on Reddit -- and guess what happened next.


A lot of pizza happened, that's what. Over 20 pies arrived before the hospital finally had to request that no more pizzas be delivered. Meanwhile, Hazel and her family and friends enjoyed one of the happiest pizza parties ever.

I love how the online community rallied around this little girl. Isn't it amazing when strangers show that they care like this? How amazing -- not just for Hazel, but for her family and for all the other kids being treated at the hospital. Lauren is hoping the Hazel's pizza sign will raise awareness for childhood cancer. "We can use this opportunity to let people know that not enough research goes into how to treat our kids." I hope, also, this pizza party sends so much positive energy to Hazel and her family that she has a full recovery from her cancer.

Have you ever done anything to cheer up a child in a hospital?


Image via ashortstorylong/Imgur

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