Amazing Kids Make Racist Cheerios Commercial Commenters Look Like Idiots (VIDEO)

kids react cheeriosI believe the children are our future ... teach them well and yada, yada, yada ... no, but really. What with all the crazy, less-than-inspiring things going on in the world right now, it's tough to believe -- as a parent or simply as a human being -- that there are SOME people out there who are trying to raise kickass kids on a daily basis, but you know what? Those people do exist, and this video is proof. 

Here's the deal: Remember that racist Cheerios commercial? (Of course you do, because the backlash is neverending, so it's not like you've had a chance to forget.) Well, the Fine Bros. decided to devote an episode of their YouTube series "Kids React" to the disheartening debacle, and the result will -- no joke -- actually rekindle some hope in the dark recesses of your jaded soul for the future of mankind. 


Out of the mouths of babes, y'know? You've really got to see this one for yourself, but just in case you're not convinced yet, here are a few of my favorite quotes:

On whether or not the commercial is, in fact, worthy of controversy:

"That's it? That's just a Cheerios commercial!"

On racism in general:

"That's just the color of their skin, what matters is if they're nice or mean."

"As long as it's a person, it's a person."

On people's outrage over the depiction of a mixed-race family:

"That's messed up!"

On personal experiences with racism:

"It's annoying when people say, 'Uh, you're Asian, that's not fair, of course you're gonna ace that test.'"

On the multitude of mean comments:

"It's that mob mentality ... they see everybody else do it, so they do it. Monkey see, monkey do."

The wisdom is sort of staggering, isn't it? What happens to human beings as we grow older? How do we get LESS smart?! 

Watch the rest of this video; I promise you won't be sorry:

Truly and profoundly inspiring, right? (Go ahead, watch it again.)

What was your favorite part of this video?


Image via TheFineBros/YouTube

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