Radio Guys Freak Out When Pregnant Co-Host's Water Breaks on Air (LISTEN)

waterfallOMG. This is honestly one of the funniest things you'll ever hear -- literally. While in the middle of her morning radio show in Denver, host Kathie J's water broke live on the air -- leaving her co-hosts to wonder what in the hell was going on, and her in total shock. And anyone who happened to be listening to KS107.5 at that moment must have been unable to control their laughter.

Take a listen to how it all went down (er, came out) in this video clip, which is nothing short of hysterical.


LMAO! I was dying when the first dude started yelling, "Gross!" and then asked, "Did you just pee?

And you gotta love the reaction of the other guy when Kathie J asked what she was supposed to do since her water had just broken? "Call your husband, for God's sake!"

I love it.

And then in the midst of all the chaos, she even managed to find time to call the studio to let them know she was all settled in the hospital ready to give birth. What a trooper.

One thing's for sure, she's never going to forget where she was and what she was doing at the exact moment her water broke. I'm sure she'll have a ball playing the clip from the show over and over again.

OMG. She should totally play it back when her kid's prom night rolls around. It would be such a shame to let a perfectly awesome piece of total humiliation go to waste.

Have you worried about your water breaking at work?


Image via E Photos/Flickr

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