Caylee Anthony's Grandparents Sell Her Toys & Move Toward Closure

red wagonWhen a child dies, shouldn't their parents let go of their possessions, eventually? One neighbor of Cindy and George Anthony was shocked to find out that they were selling their granddaughter Caylee Anthony's toys at a recent yard sale. How could they possibly part with her things?!? But Caylee has been dead since 2005. I wonder, how could they possibly keep living with her things?

We all mourn differently. Caylee's case was so extreme, it's hard for anyone to relate to it all. But still, I see her grandparents' yard sale as a healthy sign of moving on.


Every parent or grandparent who loses a child has to move on at some point. And I kind of feel like the more stuff you hold on to, the more it holds you back from accepting that child's death. People aren't their things, but I think we all feel like some part of their essence inhabits their things. The Anthonys probably kept a few special toys to remind them of Caylee. But keeping everything ... why? It seems unhealthy. Other children could be enjoying those toys, and in a way, that's a lovely way for Caylee's spirit to live on.

I suppose they could turn Caylee's room into a shrine -- and maybe they have. We don't know how many of her things they didn't sell at the yard sale.

As for when parents or grandparents should be ready to let go of a dead child's possessions, I think that depends. The Anthonys had to suffer through a very public trial for their daughter. The dust is finally settling from that, so this summer seems like an appropriate time for them to let go, quietly. But of course, they don't get to let go quietly, because this is Casey Anthony's family we're talking about. Someone has to be paying attention and judging at all times.

I think the Anthonys should be allowed to do whatever they see fit with their granddaughter's possessions. Haven't they been through enough? They may be notorious, but they are still parents and grandparents like anyone else.


Image via Crystal/Flickr

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