Smarty Pants Kids Fix Tweets of Celebs Who Can't Spell (VIDEO)

tweets grammarIf there's one thing that drives me nuts, it's bad grammar. And I'm not talking about ironically bad grammar -- cause everybody loves themselves some cray grammar up in dey house!! -- I'm talking about legitimately poor grammar: "You're" in place of "your." "It's" instead of "its." "To" as opposed to "too." Which, really?? Your a dumbass. Its true! (See what I did there?!) 

Anyway. Guess who else hates bad grammar? Brazilians. Brazilians hate bad grammar (almost as much as they hate pubes!). At least the educators at the Red Balloon school do, especially when it comes to American celebrities and their gramatically inferior tweets. See, these Brazilian kids are trying to learn how to speak English (at the Red Balloon school), and wouldn't you know? Paris Hilton is screwin' it up for everybody. (But what else is new?) 


Paris Hilton plus a bunch of other grammatically-challenged celebs, that is. So their teachers had a pretty great idea: Since kids are gonna read famous people's poorly worded and punctuated tweets no matter what, why not turn all that Twittering into an educational experience? Call the (8 to 13-year-old) grammar police -- Katy Perry, Charlie Sheen, Miley Cyrus and a bunch of other celebs need some serious copyediting!! 

And the best part? Red Balloon students not only correct those terrible posts, they tweet those corrections directly at celebs! 

Unfortunately, so far, not a single celeb has replied ... but the whole thing is still pretty funny. Check it out:

Oh, Paris. Loves it! I'm so proud of those kids ... in fact, I think I might give my own kids a list of celebs to follow/police on Twitter. It'll be like summer camp, only free!

Do you think correcting celeb tweets is a good way for kids to learn proper grammar?


Image via LLLLITL/YouTube

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