Army Dad Surprises His 5 Kids in Heartwarming Homecoming (VIDEO)

military homecomingOh, family pictures. In most every situation, they're slightly painful. There's the whole act of corralling everyone into one photo, making sure the smiles are at least decent from youngster to grandpa, and ugh -- someone ALWAYS blinks. One lucky family will probably never skip a chance to take a photo together again, though, after a proud military father surprised his five kids during a photo op at a family birthday party.

Recently off his second deployment and back a bit early, one lucky Army dad and his wife managed to set up a fantastic surprise homecoming for his children, and trust me -- the reactions are priceless. From teenagers to toddlers, these kids couldn't be more ecstatic that Dad's home again. Watch the heartwarming surprise, here:


How sweet is this?


Image via thebobjohnson1984/YouTube

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