Scary Hospital Bomb Scare Forces Women to Give Birth Outside

oak treeIf you think you've heard it all when it comes to wacky labor and delivery stories, trust me -- you haven't. Until now.

In what sounds like something out of an action movie, two women in Alabama gave birth in a parking lot after the hospital was evacuated -- due to a bomb threat. Yes, a bomb threat. Are you believing this?

While in the midst of trying to deliver their babies, these poor moms-to-be had to be wheeled outside as they watched a bomb squad storm the hospital -- and then they had to push their babies out in the Alabama heat under the shade of an oak tree. One of the moms, Tessa Kilgore, even describes how the staff held up blankets around her to try and give her some privacy during the birth.


Um, that had to be more than a little bit humiliating in addition to being pretty scary. Try and picture the scene for a second. Here these women were, in the safety of the hospital giving birth, and in the next moment, they were being rushed outside -- where they had to finish pushing all while wondering whether or not the hospital would blow up right before their eyes. (That's messed up. And again, like something straight out of a Hollywood flick.)

Tessa's baby girl, Kylie, was born safely, thank God -- but still, I'm sure the last thing she ever expected was to deliver in the hospital parking lot. The other woman who went through the same ordeal has not been identified, but I'm sure the whole thing was just as surreal for her.

In case you are curious, no, the bomb squad didn't find anything inside the hospital, so it all turned out ok in the end. But I'm sure if these two moms ever have any more children, they're going to be more than a little bit apprehensive about delivering their babies at that particular hospital. And just to be on the safe side, it might not be a bad idea to scope out the parking lots of wherever they do choose to give birth to make sure there's ample shade and a few nice grassy areas.

Is this the craziest birth story you've ever heard?


Image via General Wesc/Flickr

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