Head Vaccine Developer Admits Gardasil Isn't Safe

needleWe want to believe any vaccine that is recommended by doctors and given to our kids is relatively safe. Sure, there are risks. We have to do our research, trust our instincts, think of our kids, and then decide what vaccines we want them to have and when to give them. No matter where you stand on the vax debate, all parents need to know about what one lead developer in the vaccine world is saying. It's apparently weighed so heavily on her mind that she couldn't keep it in any longer and went public so she can "sleep at night."

Dr. Diane Harper says that Gardasil and Cervarix are not safe. These are the vaccines used to protect against human papilloma virus vaccines.


This vax is marketed to girls starting around 9. Dr. Harper said:

About eight in every ten women who have been sexually active will have H.P.V. at some stage of their life. Normally there are no symptoms, and in 98 per cent of cases it clears itself. But in those cases where it doesn’t, and isn’t treated, it can lead to pre-cancerous cells which may develop into cervical cancer. 

Based on that, shouldn't we just treat? Make sure we are on schedule with PAP smears? It clears itself in 98 percent of cases. A 2 percent risk isn't making me want to have my child injected with a vaccine surrounded by a ton of controversy.

Dr. Harper's comments on this first came out when she was speaking at a conference a few years ago. She shared that the risk of cervical cancer is low. She felt the risk of the vax outweighed not getting vaccinated. She admitted that they don't work; they are dangerous; and they haven't been tested well enough. Also, the trials of the vaccines are performed on kids 15 and above, which is worrisome that it's being given to girls as young as 9. We have to remember that 44 girls have reportedly died as a result of the vaccines, and 15,037 reported adverse side effects.

The manufacturer even says the vax only works on four strains out of 40. So when the lead researcher comes out taking about how it's unsafe ... huge red flag. I'm one of the parents who will be saying no to Gardasil. This is worrisome, yes, but it all comes down to the fact that the only person we can really trust with our kids' best interests in ourselves. We need to research, research, research, and then trust our gut instincts. And demand the vaccine industry comes clean.

Are you concerned about Gardasil and Cervarix? Does this change your mind?


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