Uncle Makes Toddler Smoke a Blunt & Posts the Video -- Great! (VIDEO)

toddler smoking a bluntSo here's something parents never want to see their toddlers doing: Puffing on a cigar. A young uncle took a video of his toddler nephew smoking a blunt and posted it on Instagram. Which is awesome, because now the child's parents know that this happened and can commence freaking out. I mean, wouldn't that just make your day? "Hey, look, it's our precious child, polluting his innocent little lungs with smoke for all the world to see! SHOW ME MY BROTHER SO I CAN WRING HIS LITTLE NECK." 

Something tells me this uncle is never going to be left alone with his nephew ever, ever again. It almost makes you wonder if he did it just to get out of any future babysitting obligations. Why would you post this self-incriminating video online?!? But seriously -- I would have a conniption if I caught anyone letting my child puff on a blunt. I don't care if it's not as bad as a toddler doing bong hits with mom. It's still awful.


We don't know what kind of blunt this is. It could be the kind that's a cigar with the tobacco removed and replaced with marijuana. A blunt can also describe a certain size of cigar filled with tobacco. Either way, it's terrible and not at all funny.

Oh geez, and he's saying "pulling that bitch," too, which just makes it all worse. I know that toddler is not going to die of lung cancer (or pick up a pot habit) today because Uncle Knucklehead gave him a blunt, but ugh. Kids have their whole lives to pick up gross habits -- why start so early? And I'm not a big fan of the "destroying a small child's innocence" genre of humor. Like we have piles and piles of innocence all around us and need to stamp it all out -- right?

Hopefully the toddler noticed that the cigar tastes kind of gross and irritates his lungs. And hopefully he'll never get access to anything else you can smoke for a long time. But avoiding his uncle is going to be harder. What do the parents do now -- besides never leave their child alone with him? This could cause a rift in their family, all because of some teenager's twisted sense of humor. 

What would you do if one of your siblings let your baby smoke a cigar -- and then took video -- and then posted it?


Image via FunnyTimeOnly4U/YouTube

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