Woman's Rockin' Time at Rolling Stones Concert Is 'Ruined' When She Goes Into Labor

rolling stones concert

Of all the wacky and unusual birth stories I've ever heard, the tale of a woman who went into labor during a Rolling Stones concert definitely takes the cake as the craziest delivery ever.

Heidi Wesson was at a festival in the U.K. when her contractions started -- right in the middle of the Stones' performance. And she really had no choice but to leave and head to the hospital to give birth, something she was pretty bummed out about.

I'm sure she was excited about finally meeting her baby and all, but she says she was "shattered" about having to leave the show and all she wanted to do was go back to the concert -- almost like the baby was cramping her style or something.


Are you laughing yet? I am. If she only knew just how much that baby is going to interfere with her plans from here on out, she probably would've taken in a few more concerts during her pregnancy to squeeze as much fun out of the experience as possible.

I mean, it's obvious that she's one of the Rolling Stones biggest fans, given the fact that she attended one of their shows when she was due to give birth. It's highly likely that she'll buy tickets to more of their gigs in the future.

But I wonder if she realizes just how different going to a concert is going to be with a baby in tow (assuming she brings the tot along instead of getting a sitter).

For one thing, she'll have to worry about her baby (a girl she named Ivy, after the hospital where she delivered) having a crying fit during the show, making it impossible for her to hear her favorite tunes and sing along. 

And instead of heading to the concession stand for beers in between sets, she'll have to either find a quiet spot to breastfeed, or dig bottles out of her bag, mix formula, and feed the baby all while trying to rock out.

OMG. And what about all the other baby gear and supplies she's going to have to lug with her? Concerts tend to last for a few hours, so she'll need to be prepared. Between the diapers, wipes, changes of clothes, pacifiers, and toys -- she'll probably wind up with a bag that weighs more than her baby does.

Yeah, I'm thinking this mom's concert days are probably over for the time being. But once her little girl is old enough, it will be pretty cool to bring her to that particular concert site and show her where she made her entrance into the world.

Would you attend a concert near your due date?


Image via Swedish Girls/Flickr

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