Mom Gives Birth to 2-Pound Baby on Her Lawn (VIDEO)

baby born on lawnWe see a lot of stories about women giving birth in crazy places. So we weren't surprised when we heard about Elizabeth Whitehead, the mom who gave birth on her front lawn. We weren't even surprised to hear she didn't realize she was pregnant -- that seems to happen a lot. But then we found out that her baby boy was three months premature -- and weighed only two-and-a-half pounds. Wow, now that's surprising and scary.

The baby was born unconscious. Police found Elizabeth and her baby lying on the grass, the baby still attached to his mother by the umbilical cord but not breathing. It took several rounds of CPR to get the newborn breathing, but his heart was beating normally by the time they got to the hospital. Amazingly, he is in good health now.


Elizabeth says she took two pregnancy tests and both came out negative. She knew something was up, but she didn't think it was pregnancy until she actually gave birth. Can you imagine -- not only does it turn out you were pregnant, but your baby is impossibly small. Before you've even had time to imagine this new child in your life, you're in danger of losing him. 

Just to give you an idea of how little this baby was, he was about the size of a sneaker. Only he was much, much more delicate, of course. You can imagine how slim he would be. You would have little hope for his survival -- unless, of course, you were the baby's parents. And then you would hope for a miracle.

Have you ever seen a two-and-a-half-pound baby?


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